Wednesday, 20 June 2007

PiFan Reveals its Lineup

PiFan - or to use its full title, the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival - is Korea's second biggest film fest (after Pusan) and the biggest genre-based fest in Asia. Its line-up is always worth a look and this year - the 11th edition - is no exception, with titles in the competition including the latest from Nobuhiro Yamashita, the acclaimed Japanese director of No One's Ark (2003) and high school girls' rock 'n roll charmer Linda Linda Linda (2005). Yamashita's crime-comedy The Matsugane Potshot Affair is joined by Oxide Pang's Diary, Thai director Chookiet Sakveerakul's 13 and Resurrection of the Butterfly by Korean directorial team Kim Min-sook & Lee Jung-gook.

While a Korean movie - Chulsoo and Younghee director Hwang Kyu-deok's latest For Eternal Hearts - opens proceedings, there's a more unexpected closer, with Indonesian director Joko Anwar's supernatural thriller Kala. The follow-up to the acclaimed Joni's Promise (Janji Joni) (Firecracker Showcase 2006), Kala represents something of a change of tack for this rising talent, but looks like following in its predecessor's footsteps as one of the few Indonesian movies to make an impact overseas. This is something Firecracker TV hopes to change very soon, with several of the best recent Indonesian flicks set to go live.

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